What is PIQ ?

   • PIQ is a decision support tool-kit for investors seeking to find/evaluate individual securities, construct/review investment portfolios and allocate assets in a suitable and efficient manner.

   • The tools and modeling available in PIQ have been developed in the "field" and have evolved over many years of actual portfolio management. They represent a packaging of processes that, when used in concert, represent an iterative and quantitatively oriented method/workflow for Portfolio Management.

   • The tools and models can be used as individual stand-alone investment idea support tools or strung together as a workflow that starts with investment selection progresses to portfolio construction/review and ends with portfolio maintenance and quality control.

What PIQ is NOT ?

   • PIQ is not a quote or trading platform. It does not suggest explicit entry levels or selling targets for individual investment. It does not devise trading strategies or provide short term technical signaling. It is not graphically intensive or overly cluttered with financial statistics or financial jargon.

PIQ has been purposely designed to NOT be like other investment dashboards that provide lots of data but very little value.

User level and functionality

   • PIQ functionality is divided among six different users groups. The groups are separated by intended usage and to some degree user sophistication. For example there is one module that simply provides tools to assist investors to construct ETF portfolios. Another modules provide the tools for and investor to analyze individual stocks in addition to ETFs.

   • The offerings also include portfolio review and construction tools that evaluate value, performance and overall portfolio risk.

   • Common to all the modules are reports and tools to help evaluate investment suitability and compliance level investment risk. Each user level includes the functionality of the user group ahead of it and the functionality generally increases in complexity. See more at Type of Accounts.