Types of Accounts

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ETF Portfolio Builder ETF Client Investor Tools
ETF Advisor Tools  
Calculate VAR for ETF Portfolio          
Security Selection Company "stand-alone" investment analysis: Summary, Expected return and Fair-value forecast, Peer- relative analysis    
Company macroeconomic risk factor report      
Graphical historical comparison of Value and Quality fundamentals, Total Return and Capital gains      
Technical Price Risk      
Company VAR Analysis and Style Profile          
Industry Cross - Sectional analysis and Screening Industry Review and Valuation History graphs      
Cross - Sectional analysis      
Industry Style Analysis          
Portfolio Analytics Pure - Theme Portfolios    
Easy-to-use portfolio editing and uploading tools        
Textual Portfolio Summary Reports        
Quality-Value Review and Valuation history Graphs        
Portfolio risk factors review          
Portfolio Style and Value-at-Risk Analysis          
Portfolio tilting and characteristic optimization          
Enhanced Performance Attribution with APT factor exposures and returns          
Advanced Advisor Tools Model Drill Down and Custom Composites      
Perform a Simple Screen      
Advanced Portfolio Tools Advanced tools such as Import Portfolio and Merge Portfolio        
Create/Adjust BM/Style Group