Portfolio Analytics - Feature Description

   • The tools and modeling available in PIQ have been developed in the "field" and have evolved over many years of actual portfolio management. They represent a packaging of processes that, when used in concert, represent an iterative and quantitatively oriented method/workflow for Portfolio Management.

   • Using PIQ modeling and analysis, the Portfolio Summary report details a portfolio's inherent Quality and Value and Risk characteristics. It describes Concentration Risks, at the Sector or Security level, and suggests a Client Suitability Rating that is consistent with the portfolio profile. Perhaps one of PIQ most powerful review features, this report describes in text the key features of any given portfolio created using the investment candidates within PIQ.

   • Quality-Value Review answers the question: Is my portfolio made up of Individual Investments that are the best companies among their peers? Using the PIQ Symbolgram, an investor can quickly see how each of his companies stack up in Quality and Value space among there Industry peers. Depending on the company symbol clusters, it is easy to determine or forecast various portfolio styles and investment tendencies. The overall risk of the portfolio is also evident with the color of the portfolio's constituent. You can review the companies that add investment value to your portfolio performance or the ones that increases the portfolio risk.

   • Manage your risk with the Portfolio risk factor report that offers an overview upon the macroeconomic factors that influences the stocks within your portfolio, or, use the Value-at-risk (maximum loss) module to estimate the potential loss of your portfolio over a specific time horizon. Measure the performance and risk factor exposures of a portfolio compared to a user selected Benchmark with the Performance attribution statistical tool.

   • With Portfolio Style Analysis you can determine if today's portfolio would have been more sensitive historically to a Growth Index, a Value Index or the market in general. It will provide inferences for global returns or interest rate sensitivities.

   • Access the Pure-Themes Portfolio created by PIQ to represent targeted best idea portfolios base on very specific Themes. Themes include investment characteristics like growth (I.E. Pure-Growth Portfolio) or value (I.E. Pure-Value Portfolio) or investment regions such as Pure-India or sectors such as Pure-Agriculture or Pure-Water. The Pure-Themes portfolios are created and then rebalance by the PIQ team and will be located on the PURE-Themes website and available to PIQ subscribers Advisor level 1 and higher.

   • You can rebalance your portfolio weights by targeting different characteristics such as: Profitability, Growth, Financial Strength, Dividend yield or various Risk factors with the Optimize portfolio by characteristics module.