The PIQ Advantage

   ✓ PIQ Research allows investors and money managers to analyze and evaluate the market from every angle using powerful analytical tools and complex financial calculations, all of which has been integrated into an easy to understand and user friendly interface.

   ✓ The PIQ tool box includes a vast array of analytical tools which allow users access to detailed market commentary, industry comparisons and cross sections, customized filters, specific quality and risk assessments, intrinsic valuation calculations, and more.

   ✓ PIQ allows user to do much more than simple market screening. User built composite models and group and portfolio analysis provides investor with an increase levelled of market information.

   ✓ Quality, value and risk assessments at both the company level and the portfolio level helps investors navigate markets with much more control and confidence.

   ✓ PIQ Research is an easy and innovative tool designed to help you better manage your Investment portfolios and increase confidence in your ability to successfully navigate the dynamic financial marketplace.

   ✓ PIQ strives to be different by providing users with valuable financial model that can be used singularly or in combination to provide uncommon insights into your investments.

PIQ does the:

   ✓ Model and report building
   ✓ Industry Cross- sectional analysis
   ✓ Screening and Filtering
   ✓ Intrinsic Valuation calculation
   ✓ Portfolio Management
   ✓ Risk factor reports
   ✓ Company selection and evaluation
   ✓ Data management

.... And more ....So you don't have to