Industry Cross-sectional and Screening - Feature Description

   • Provides a wide array of valuation tools allowing PIQ users to analyze Industries by viewing past performance, key historical fundamentals, value analysis. It allows you to create Indices and make comparisons across multiple Industries.

   • Use PIQ's Grid Analysis to view the Investment variables that are important to you. PIQ users can choose their own multi-factor composite models and then view individual Industry groups in a PIQ Grid. The tool provides a pre-calculated group of Composites and Filters than can be used to conduct your own analysis. Additionally, more advanced users can create their own Filters and Composites in the Advanced Tools section.

   • Create Q/V Analysis by selecting individual Industries to study. The Symbolgram is built upon the analysis of the relative Quality and Value fundamentals. These fundament include: Price multiples, Profitability, Financial Strength, Interim results and Earning Momentum among others. The model also depicts a company's risk and shows this in color.