ETF Portfolio Builder - Feature Description

   • The PIQ ETF Advisor System creates highly customized portfolio solution by both matching the perfect asset class solution with the best and most suitable individual ETFs.

   • Advisors will create valuable insight for their clients as they help them navigate this easy to use program. PIQ helps the advisor tilt and adjust the types of characteristics that will ultimately be more suitable to each client's situation. That keeps the Advisor relevant in the process while creating highly controlled and superior end results.

   • With PIQ ETF tools you can use PIQ's Risk/Suitability Rating Questionnaire or simply set your own custom Risk/Suitability Rating.

   • After creating a specialized ETF portfolio you can review and stress test the holdings to examine historically how your portfolio mix would have performed.

   • Other tools such as the Value at Risk (maximum loss) module provide further insight into your portfolio's future potential.

   • ETF Allocation and Optimizer Portfolio Tool designed to rebalance your portfolio holdings using the settings provided by PIQ Research: you can set your own Suitability Rating or use the rating created for you with the PIQ Questionnaires. The system will run using PIQ Default Setting for Statistical Analysis or you can use your own assumptions. Important inputs such as Expected returns, Historic time periods for calculated statistics or Portfolio Minimum/Maximum holdings can all be easily adjusted by the user.