Security Selection - Feature Description

   • A wide array of valuation tools allowing PIQ users to view past performance, key current and historical figures, compare a company fundamentals with another company or industry fundamentals, calculate a stocks expected return using fundamental Price multiple models combined with a Dividend discounted modeling technique.

   • Manage your risk with the Company risk factor report that offers an overview upon the macroeconomic factors that can influence your stock's returns and its potential volatility, or, use the Value-at-risk (maximum loss) module to estimate the potential loss of your security over a specific time horizon.

   • With the Symbolgram, Investment decisions across over 250 Industries are made easier, by quickly assessing an individual stocks based on their positioning on the PIQ grid, its size and risk color forecast. This patented PIQ tool offers a comparative representation of a company among its peers. The Symbolgram is built upon the analysis of the relative Quality and Value fundamentals. These fundament include: Price multiples, Profitability, Financial Strength, Interim results and earnings momentum among others. The model also depicts a company's risk and shows this in color.

   • Company Style Profile module helps you identify what kind on investments you hold. This model calculates return sensitivities to various markets and investment styles such as Growth or Value. Users can create their own Style Benchmarks and see how sensitivity to the benchmark returns would have replicated the actual performance of your investment.