Advanced Tools - Feature Description

   • PIQ uses a number of proprietary models to calculate a number of different investment fundamental. Many of these models are composites and individual composites. The Model Drill Down allows users to look into the Scoring system that analyses a company's fundamentals against its Peers and the Market.

   • You can create your own Composite and Filters that can be used to screen and evaluate Industries and portfolios of the users choosing. The Composites are particular valuable in PIQ Cross-Sectional Analysis or to create a Simple Screen. The Filters allow users to utilize customized search parameters in their research and generate user specific output regarding both the overall marketplace and specific individual securities. These tools provides users with the ability to narrow their research focus and identify the optimal investment options.

   • The Advanced Portfolio tools help Portfolio Managers create or adjust their own Market Benchmark, Index or Style Benchmark, Import a file with predefined symbols or merge your portfolios under a new one.